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Air Purification Systems of Virginia is an East Coast distributor of Pentex™ brand negative air ionizers, as well a referral agent for Thermal Life® Far Infrared Saunas and the Ionizer Plus® water ionizer.  Pentex™ ionization products have been proven (by University, military & independent laboratory testing, and an endless number of testimonials from satisfied customers) to improve moods, to be effective as an alternative to medication for Seasonal Affective Disorder Depression (SADD), to increase productivity, reduce allergens such as mold and animal dander, and reduce the harmful effects of machinery & air handling systems in office buildings.  There are many different types of air ionization & purification systems on the market today, and this can easily confuse consumers.  Do they work?  Is it something that you should consider having in your home or office?  Within this site we will try to provide you with the information that will help to answer your questions.

Pentex ionizers create their own vortex of moving ions, not dependent on moving airi n the room to circulate ions. 


Most purification systems utilize filters and fans to "re-circulate" the air around you for a cleaner environment.  These types of devices are not only loud and sometimes very large, but they also only filter out about 35% of the substances in the air close to the machine.  Additionally, the fans used to move the air actually strip the negative ions (the good ions) from the environment.  This is also true of many negative ionizers that use fans to circulate the ions they produce.  A good air purification system doesn't need a fan, nor does it need expensive replacement filters.   Pentex™ brand ionization units use state of the art patented technology that eliminates the need for fans and filters.  Please visit our Articles/Info and Testimonial pages to further educate yourself as a consumer about how negative ionization works to provide a healthy breathing environment, as well as a multitude of other beneficial effects.  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information! 

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