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Pentex air purification negative air room ionizer frequently asked questions

Air Ionization FAQ's

Q:  Are air ionizers medical devices manufactured to cure specific diseases or ailments?

A:  NO, ionizers enhance the environment with healthy negative ions.  The overall effects of air ionization will depend on the individual person.  There are some physicians prescribing air ionization for use in combating allergies & sinusitis and other disorders, but they are not manufactured or marketed as medical devices.
Q:  Do all air ionization products emit ozone with the ionization?

A:  To a very small degree, yes.  Pentex ionizers ozone levels are virtually undetectable compared to many competitors units that give off odors and cause headaches for the user.
Q:  Do air ionization products go through walls?

A:  No, regardless of how powerful the ionizer is, air ionization cannot go through walls.  If a manufacturer or distributor claims their ionizers can go through walls, it is ozone that is going through the wall.   You should investigate the ozone levels extensively before purchasing.
Q:  Is ozone harmful to people?

A:  Ozone can be explained as "natures cleaning agent".  If the pollutants are high, it is necessary for the ozone levels to increase proportionally.  The National Weather Service issues OZONE ALERTS for heavy smog or pollution in the air.  Many ionizer manufacturers downplay the ozone levels in ionization.  The OSHA laws set specific limits for exposures to ozone (.04 parts per million is unhealthy).  Pentex ionizers emit levels of .01 parts per billion, virtually undetectable!
Q:  Can the Pentex / Wein VI-2500 be used in rooms smaller than 800 sq. ft.?

A:  Absolutely!  The VI-2500 ionizer is specially designed to be used around sensitive electronic equipment without interfering with their operation.  If you want the 450 trillion ions in a smaller room, the more negative ions the merrier.
Q:  How do Pentex ionizers compare to other ionizers such as the Sharper Image Quadra or the Silas machines?

A:  Studies have confirmed that the Pentex units can be up to ten times more effective than either of those other ionizers.  Here is a link to one of those studies.
Q:  Is it harmful to keep the Pentex ionizers running all day or should they be unplugged when you are not home or at work with the unit?

A:  There is no such thing as too many negative ions when your health is concerned.  There are no adverse side affects from negative ions!  Pentex room ionizers cost just pennies a month to operate.
Q:  Can Pentex ionizers be purchased in major retail stores like Walmart or K-Mart?

A:  NO, Pentex ionizers are only available from approved Pentex distributors.  The effective Quality Control program used by Pentex makes retail distribution illogical.
Q:  Am I going to need to stock up on filters or other parts just in case Pentex changes the product line?

A:  NO!  Pentex room ionizers have no moving parts or filters to replace.  Many other manufacturers of ionization products that use filters, intentionally change their products every few years, making already sold units obsolete.  This causes a new demand for their sales department and an increase in expenditures for you as a customer.
Q:  Does Pentex have a commercial size ionization unit for large office buildings?

A:  No, the VI-2500 is the largest capacity ionizer available from Pentex.  If you have large office areas, strategically placed room / environmental ionizers can effectively do a much better job of ionization than HVAC units with ionization components and for much less expense.  For companies that cannot afford the expense of providing ionizers for every work area in your building, a suggestion could be implementing a cost-share program for those employees wishing to improve their work environment and health.  The employee should feel better and be more productive, making the ionizer purchase a win-win situation for everyone.


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